Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New Erotic eBook! FREE excerpt!

A new book is always exciting, and I’ve been wanting to do this one for a while.  Often, the femdom books are filled with anger, or at least have a strong undercurrent of it.  I wanted to tell a story of a loving couple playing fun games that can run to the extreme without damaging the relationship.  And here it is!

Melissa and Tim like to keep their marriage spicy, and when the kids go away for the weekend, it’s fantasy night.  Tim is under the impression that Melissa wants to be dominated—okay, maybe Melissa gave him that impression—but she really wants to turn the tables in their domination scenario.  Tim never knew fulfilling his wife’s fantasy would be so full-filling for him too!  And he never knew he’d love it so much!

Here’s an excerpt of Crawl This Way:

Tim was a maestro. He was fantastic at all he did, whether it was being a systems analyst, or a doting husband, or a loving father.  As he wended his whip along Melissa's back, the streaks of pain only served to remind Melissa why she married this wonderful man, and what a fantastic lover he was.  Her fingers clutched the soft red rope tightly.  Tim eased off on the rhythmic whipping and leaned forward.  Melissa could feel his hot breath landing softly on her neck.
"Tell me again how your girlfriend gives better head than I do,” Tim said.
Melissa's back trilled with delicious pain, her skin crawling as if regiments of lead-booted ants were on maneuvers.  Her toes cramped, and her calves begged for mercy.  Mercy, mercy, mercy.  But Melissa wouldn't ask for mercy.  No, not ever.  Because in her mind, once one asked for mercy, one had to grant mercy.  And Melissa was not going to grant Tim mercy tonight.  So she didn't ask for any.
"My girlfriend gives better head than you do," Melissa said defiantly.
"Really!"  Tim’s big mitts grabbed her roughly and spun her around.  Tim glowered down, still taller, despite her heels.  His fingers seized hold of the twin halters that covered Melissa’s breasts and he ripped the fabric asunder, hauling against the back of Melissa’s neck until the silk garment gave way.  Tim let the twin drapes cascade down across Melissa’s thighs, and his hand reached for her bobbing breast.  Melissa loved it when Tim cupped her naked breast while he kissed her, but that wasn’t on the horizon—far too tender.  Tim grabbed Melissa’s nipple harshly between his thumb and forefinger, pulling it away from her body so fiercely that Melissa’s spine involuntarily curved forward to lessen the pain.  And then Tim began to twist.
 “Tell me again about your girlfriend.”
Tim reversed his twisting, a full one-eighty, but kept pulling.  Melissa peered down at her breast, now extended out like a traffic cone.  Her shoulders ached, tightly bunched and restricting her breathing.  Tim’s other hand, with the whip in it, ran across Melissa’s other nipple, which was now crisply hard.  The whip handle was rough against her sensitive flesh and a quiet “oh” escaped her lips.  Her traffic cone tit felt on fire. 
 “My girlfriend goes down better than you,” Melissa said.
Tim released both Melissa’s breasts, and Melissa peered down at her poor tortured breast as it slowly resumed its normal shape, like a stress toy after a vigorous squishing.  Melissa’s nipple was slower to return to its natural form, and Tim’s thumbprint was visible for some time.  That might bruise.  Oddly, there was more pain rising up from her nipple now that Tim had released it.  That quickly became a footnote when the whip shot across her breast at full speed.  While Melissa drew a sharp inhale, Tim’s hand sailed back and scored the outside of her other breast with a lethal backhand.  Bright red claw-mark looking strips bloomed on the outside of both her breasts, and Melissa screeched.
 “Tell me again,” Tim said.
 “She’s…”  Melissa gasped for air, and it took several tries before her lungs gripped any.  “She’s better,” Melissa said.  Her mouth might be struggling for the breath of life, but her eyes were all defiance.

Ta-ta and Mwah!

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