Friday, August 29, 2014

How To Find Free Erotica on Amazon; Yes, Find Free Porn on Amazon for your Kindle!

Amazon is one of the greatest retailers in history.  Not afraid to innovate, and not afraid to game change.  From selection to delivery, Amazon writes the book (as well as selling the books!).

And rest assured, Amazon has free porn.  Free erotica on Amazon’s shelves is yours for the taking.  Now I don’t know about you aficionados, but in my house, my bookshelves are filled with Irving, Dickens, and Hardy—but my porn is stashed on my Kindle.  Nobody leaves their dirty secrets out in the open for all to see, and Amazon is no different.

Not only does Amazon carry free erotica, they break it down into genres and niches to make the shopping easier.  However, just like my house, the erotica is not lying out on the kitchen table.  You have to look for it.  After all, you never know when the folks or the preacher might pop in for a visit.

To find free erotica on Amazon, make your way to Kindle eBooks on the website.  Find the Best Sellers link.  Then click on Literature.  Then click on Erotica.  Pick your particular subcategory of pleasure, and click on that.  The Top 100 hundred are listed on that page, and there is a tab for the Top 100 FREE.  Click there, and click often.  It changes every day!

By the way, it’s the same general route to erotica for sale on Amazon.  KindleàLiteratureàErotica.  Easy peasy!

How do you get to your favorite erotica haunts on Amazon?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New Erotic eBook! FREE excerpt!

A new book is always exciting, and I’ve been wanting to do this one for a while.  Often, the femdom books are filled with anger, or at least have a strong undercurrent of it.  I wanted to tell a story of a loving couple playing fun games that can run to the extreme without damaging the relationship.  And here it is!

Melissa and Tim like to keep their marriage spicy, and when the kids go away for the weekend, it’s fantasy night.  Tim is under the impression that Melissa wants to be dominated—okay, maybe Melissa gave him that impression—but she really wants to turn the tables in their domination scenario.  Tim never knew fulfilling his wife’s fantasy would be so full-filling for him too!  And he never knew he’d love it so much!

Here’s an excerpt of Crawl This Way:

Tim was a maestro. He was fantastic at all he did, whether it was being a systems analyst, or a doting husband, or a loving father.  As he wended his whip along Melissa's back, the streaks of pain only served to remind Melissa why she married this wonderful man, and what a fantastic lover he was.  Her fingers clutched the soft red rope tightly.  Tim eased off on the rhythmic whipping and leaned forward.  Melissa could feel his hot breath landing softly on her neck.
"Tell me again how your girlfriend gives better head than I do,” Tim said.
Melissa's back trilled with delicious pain, her skin crawling as if regiments of lead-booted ants were on maneuvers.  Her toes cramped, and her calves begged for mercy.  Mercy, mercy, mercy.  But Melissa wouldn't ask for mercy.  No, not ever.  Because in her mind, once one asked for mercy, one had to grant mercy.  And Melissa was not going to grant Tim mercy tonight.  So she didn't ask for any.
"My girlfriend gives better head than you do," Melissa said defiantly.
"Really!"  Tim’s big mitts grabbed her roughly and spun her around.  Tim glowered down, still taller, despite her heels.  His fingers seized hold of the twin halters that covered Melissa’s breasts and he ripped the fabric asunder, hauling against the back of Melissa’s neck until the silk garment gave way.  Tim let the twin drapes cascade down across Melissa’s thighs, and his hand reached for her bobbing breast.  Melissa loved it when Tim cupped her naked breast while he kissed her, but that wasn’t on the horizon—far too tender.  Tim grabbed Melissa’s nipple harshly between his thumb and forefinger, pulling it away from her body so fiercely that Melissa’s spine involuntarily curved forward to lessen the pain.  And then Tim began to twist.
 “Tell me again about your girlfriend.”
Tim reversed his twisting, a full one-eighty, but kept pulling.  Melissa peered down at her breast, now extended out like a traffic cone.  Her shoulders ached, tightly bunched and restricting her breathing.  Tim’s other hand, with the whip in it, ran across Melissa’s other nipple, which was now crisply hard.  The whip handle was rough against her sensitive flesh and a quiet “oh” escaped her lips.  Her traffic cone tit felt on fire. 
 “My girlfriend goes down better than you,” Melissa said.
Tim released both Melissa’s breasts, and Melissa peered down at her poor tortured breast as it slowly resumed its normal shape, like a stress toy after a vigorous squishing.  Melissa’s nipple was slower to return to its natural form, and Tim’s thumbprint was visible for some time.  That might bruise.  Oddly, there was more pain rising up from her nipple now that Tim had released it.  That quickly became a footnote when the whip shot across her breast at full speed.  While Melissa drew a sharp inhale, Tim’s hand sailed back and scored the outside of her other breast with a lethal backhand.  Bright red claw-mark looking strips bloomed on the outside of both her breasts, and Melissa screeched.
 “Tell me again,” Tim said.
 “She’s…”  Melissa gasped for air, and it took several tries before her lungs gripped any.  “She’s better,” Melissa said.  Her mouth might be struggling for the breath of life, but her eyes were all defiance.

Ta-ta and Mwah!

FREE Erotic Ebooks! Yep, FREE Porn Ebooks!

I lay in bed at night, the spring breeze blowing in off the balcony, one sheet covering me, my eyes closed tight, my fingers busy, my thighs squeezing my hand firmly in place, and I moan two soft words into the empty darkness: read me!  Oh, read me.  Read me.  Please, read me.

Hey, every woman has her kinks—some more than others—and mine include the eyes of strangers.  Yummm, strangers.  What is a more intimate place than my imagination?  Strangers, bulling their way deep into my intimate place, their eyes drinking every bit of me in, their hands pushing forward—onward, onward my Captain!  It warms a gal’s heart—and other nifty niches—to bring excitement to a stranger.  A person whose name I’ll never know plunges deep inside my mind, and I traipse about in theirs, and we commune with sexual arousal perfuming the air and our thoughts and our bodies.

I love being read.  I love being read by strangers.  I love being read by strangers over and over again—sometimes hard and fast, sometimes soft and slow.  It’s all good!

So here is a brand new free erotic ebook, Mandy’s Therapy.  Enjoy!  Oh, what’s it about?  Fair question.  Here goes:

Mandy’s boss is a tyrant, taking advantage of her submissive nature both in the workplace and the bedroom.  Doctor Pherligan, Mandy’s psychiatrist, prescribes some unusual therapy.  And wow, does it work.  Before long, Mandy has her boss pegged!

Yes, I said pegged.  Mandy learns not to be a victim, and indulges her dominant, female ascendant, feminine strap-on conqueror side.

And if you missed it, I have another free erotic ebook that’s been out for awhile: Menage a Moi.

Ta-ta and Mwah!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

REVIEW: Miss Michelle's A Bride for Halloween

Oh, what a man will do for a beautiful woman!  Miss Michelle’s tale of Michael and Jenny is sweet and endearing, filled with whimsy and good vibes.  Often the female protagonist in this genre is motivated by anger or spite.  (That’s not a bad thing—I have used that theme in my own writing, and when it works, it works.)  In A Bride for Halloween there is no anger, only tenderness and harmony.

The length is perfect for the price.  A few typos do distract, but not so much as to harm the enjoyment of the reading experience.  This is the perfect tale for those desiring an appetizer of excitement.  And I felt the good vibes throb right out of the book and through my bod!

Enjoy this book for the taste of what Miss Michelle is capable of, and join the chorus with me asking her to gift us with a longer, deeper tale of joy and discovery! 

To purchase Miss Michelle’s A Bride for Halloween, click here.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

REVIEW: C.L. Knight's Dirty Little Rich Girl

   Ironically, I tend to read C.L. Knight’s fiction in the morning—night in the morning, if you will.  That, for me, is a mistake, simply because Ms. Knight gets deep inside my head, with images and imaginings I can’t shake.  Don’t get me wrong—it’s a very pleasant mistake.
   Mid-summer is a time for sleeping in a tee shirt, if anything at all, and I rose this morning intending to read the paper, as I often do.  I strolled down to the curb, remembering to bend at the knees to pick up the paper.  The neighbor’s teenager, recently out of high school, doesn’t seem to have much to do in the morning but watch out his window for me, so I have to bend at the knees.  Now when his father is outside, it’s a different story…but I digress.
   I checked the paper for our Olympic medal progress as I sat on the back deck with my coffee, but then suddenly remembered I had C.L. Knight’s sequel, Dirty Little Rich Girl, to read.  I placed my coffee mug on top of the paper and went inside to grab my iPad in order to peruse her newest eBook short story.
   Oh, my, Ms. Knight’s female protagonist, Tiffany, is literally a dirty little rich girl.  Deliciously so!  And still quite naughty, too!  At the end of the first installment, Tiffany seemed totally into Zach, her husband’s limo driver.  As this installment opens, immediately following the previous one time-wise, Tiffany doesn’t seem to have any interest in Zach.  Tiffany treats Zach as nothing more than the hired help.  One cold cucumber.
   Needless to say, since Zach is very into Tiffany, this leads to mucho frustration on Zach’s part.  The poor baby!  Doesn’t he know the games women play?
   And this is the area where C.L. Knight successfully gets into my head.  Like many, I’ve played hard to get.  It’s a fun part of the chase.  Okay, perhaps not as fun for the guy, but he’ll get his in the end (hee hee). 
   C.L. Knight’s tale of cat and mouse rings a true chord in my psyche.  I’ve definitely been a total bitch to my beau all day, only to start the night laying face down on the bed, naked, and casting a look over my shoulder that says, “Now take it out on my ass.”  Whether this is penance for me, or a reward for him, who can say?  But we both come out ahead in the end.  Yowza-yum!
   Zach dominates Tiffany in a satisfying (and memory evoking) way.  I want more!  I totally want to be dominated by shaggy haired Zach, and if I were in Tiffany’s heels, I would do exactly as she does, and provoke him into giving me what I need.
   C.L. Knight’s Dirty Little Rich Girl is an amuse bouche of titillation well worth the time spent reading.  I, for one, would love to read a longer work by Ms. Knight.  But perhaps I should save that for bedtime reading!
   To buy C.L. Knight’s eBook, Dirty Little Rich Girl, click here!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

REVIEW: Her Panties In His Mouth by Livia Combs

I absolutely adore the protagonist of Livia Combs' erotic short story, Her Panties In His Mouth!  From the get-go, this reader identified with Felicia, the protagonist.  Who hasn’t preened in front of a mirror and let their mind wander over the effect one’s carefully chosen date-wear will have on one’s date?  Yum, yum, yum.  The joy in anticipation of a hot date is second only to the joy of a truly hot date itself!

Felicia is game and adventurous, and unreservedly in love with Blake.  And she is devoted—totally devoted.  Ms. Combs’ erotic short story opens with Felicia drinking in her wardrobe transformation from businessperson to vixen—delightful.  While Felicia reviews her attire in the mirror, we don’t get any sense of vanity or ego, but instead we gain valuable insights to what makes Felicia tick, what she enjoys, her life’s creed, and how much she loves Blake.  Felicia shivers with anticipation, and the scene brought me back to my own “mirror moments” where anticipation had made me shiver, and I shivered along with Felicia.

Felicia has a lot of qualities to admire, and chief among them is her refusal to be a shrinking violet or a victim.  This woman knows how to seize the bull by the horns.  No reader will fail to admire Felicia by the end of the story.  We know from the first paragraph that Felicia is a cauldron of erotic embers, and when the right ill wind kindles the flames, Felicia is transformed into a bonfire of eroticism.

Felicia’s transformation from sex-kitten to Sexual Fury is credible and engaging.  In the process, we gain a little insight into Blake’s mind, too—just the right amount to keep the story human and enticing.

So few erotica stories are about birth, almost none, in fact.  However, Livia Combs’ erotic short story, Her Panties In His Mouth, is concerned entirely with a birth—the birth of a new stage of a relationship.  So many of these types of BDSM stories involve preparations, both material and mental, that it is refreshing to ride along with Felicia as she improvises on the fly.  And what a devious improviser she is!

I highly recommend the erotic short story by Livia Combs, Her Panties In His Mouth.  To see it on Amazon, click here.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

FREE eBooks! Erotica eBooks for free! Why? Read on…

Yes, I give away free eBook erotica.  Free porn, free smut—a rose by any other name...  Click here to get your free eBook erotica from me for the Nook.  OR, click here to get your free eBook erotica from me at Smashwords.

   A writer wants to be read, above all else.  When eBooks are free, more people read them.  The more people who read my books, the better I feel.  So, I give free eBook erotica away because I’m selfish and like feeling good.
   An un-established writer wants her name to be more widely known.  Why should readers take a blind risk on you?  Would you?  Well, that’s complicated.  I certainly purchase the works of many authors I haven’t read before, but only after perusing the cover, the blurb, and having a peek inside.  However, I am far more willing to take a risk with an author who is new to me when the first eBook is free.
   A reader who enjoys the free read is far more likely to purchase an author’s other eBooks. 
   Free eBooks help build an author’s audience and consumer awareness.  Ever try to meet someone at an airport or a crowded party?  How do you stand out from the mass of bodies?  You raise your hand and call out “Yoo-Hoo!”  That’s what your free eBook erotica is, a Yoo-Hoo directed at book readers and book buyers.
   Another reason: good karma.

   Actually, no.  First off, if you never plan to put a price on that particular eBook, then you have nothing to cannibalize.  But why throw away potential sales?  It’s been my experience that books once offered for free will continue to sell well after a price is put on them.  Yep, it’s true.  How’s that, you ask?
   Truth be told, many who take advantage of your free offer will never pay for a book.  Therefore, their downloads don’t cost you sales.  HOWEVER, some of them might be converted from freebie-jeebies to paying, loyal customers—bonus!  Even if they don’t become born-again eBook buyers, their free downloads will lift your rankings with the major booksellers, and that is always good for sales.  I won’t pretend to know the booksellers’ ranking algorithms, but I’ve observed them in action, and that’s what happens.  The freebie-jeebies help raise your “hand” and give a virtual Yoo-Hoo to those who will pay for your eBook once you put a price on it.

   Probably not.  As Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords, advises in his free eBooks on marketing, this strategy works best when you have somewhat of a backlist.  This way, your satisfied readers can jump right back to your author’s page and check out your other works.  It doesn’t do much good if the next book doesn’t come out for another month.  The marketplace has a short memory for those who aren’t eBook gorillas yet.
   That said, I did offer my first eBook for free for a period, and after I subsequently put a price on it, that eBook has remained my biggest money seller.  So, it didn’t hurt me too badly, but I can’t help but think that I squandered a major opportunity by not having a backlist available.  Oh well, live and learn!  No use crying over spilt downloads.  Benefit from my mistake!
   “But I want to get my first eBook out there!”  An understandable sentiment.  You’ve worked very hard, and you are eager to get the positive feedback of readers enjoying your handiwork.   However, it is important to keep in mind that when one chooses to self-publish, one has foregone the counsel and assistance of a publisher, and that means that one has to wear the publisher hat in steering their handiworks to the marketplace.  The publisher would tell you that you need a backlist. 
   This next bit of advice has come from many quarters, and that’s because it is valuable and true—the best course of action after completing your first book is to start working on the second.  Patience is key.  And patience is sometimes the most difficult coin to mint.

   Truth be told, not a whole heck of a lot, but what I do know, I share.  Feel free to email me at to discuss this further, or leave a comment below and start a dialog.

Ta-ta and Mwah!