Thursday, January 31, 2013

REVIEW: Miss Michelle's A Bride for Halloween

Oh, what a man will do for a beautiful woman!  Miss Michelle’s tale of Michael and Jenny is sweet and endearing, filled with whimsy and good vibes.  Often the female protagonist in this genre is motivated by anger or spite.  (That’s not a bad thing—I have used that theme in my own writing, and when it works, it works.)  In A Bride for Halloween there is no anger, only tenderness and harmony.

The length is perfect for the price.  A few typos do distract, but not so much as to harm the enjoyment of the reading experience.  This is the perfect tale for those desiring an appetizer of excitement.  And I felt the good vibes throb right out of the book and through my bod!

Enjoy this book for the taste of what Miss Michelle is capable of, and join the chorus with me asking her to gift us with a longer, deeper tale of joy and discovery! 

To purchase Miss Michelle’s A Bride for Halloween, click here.

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