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Friday, October 3, 2014

FREE Erotica, eBook, Gender Swap, Excerpt

The resort’s pool had a mechanical wave built into it, which created the current that allowed people to float around the loop, but that was a lazy current.  In contrast, Jerry felt an onslaught of warm current rush out from his core and burst upon the surface of his skin—his well-exposed skin.  The same type of primal force that makes a wolf bay at the moon took hold of Jerry, and he stared up at Mark’s dreamy eyes and felt the beating of Mark’s heart underneath his pec, and Jerry bit his lip and thought: I have to have him.  Oh, what do I need to…
Stop it.  Mark is my friend.  We played football together for crying out loud!  We were in the Boy Scouts.  Jerry nervously pulled down on the back of his too-small pink one-piece bathing suit, trying once more to cover his feminine butt cheeks and only managing to put almost all of his breast cleavage on display.  Holy moly, my boobies are spilling out!
 “What’s your name, sexy lady?” Mark asked, rubbing at a trickle of sweat on his bare chest.  Jerry’s eyes were glued to Mark’s fingers as he wiped the sweat away.
Jerry was biting his lip, having slid his gaze down to Mark’s tight abs, and he found himself wondering what Mark’s cock looked like.  Cut?  Uncut?  Long?  Thick.  Ummm.  “Oh,” Jerry said softly.  “What a ditz!  I’m Jeri, and this sexy lady…”  Oh shit.  I almost said this sexy lady wants to fuck you.  What is going on?  Where are these thoughts coming from?  I heard what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but this is ridiculous.  Focus.  And when did I start thinking of myself as a she?  Well, I am a she, in body at least, but still.  And I guess I’m Jeri now, too.  Not Jerry, but Jeri.
“You don’t finish a lot of sentences,” Mark said, moving even closer, his breath smelling of mint leaves and rum.  “Something on your mind?”
Yes.  I want to screw your brains out, or at least my body wants to, and I need your help to keep me from actually doing so.  “No,” Jeri replied.  “I mean yes.  I need your help.  Can we talk?  Maybe in private?”
“Sure,” Mark said.  “Come with me.”  He wrapped his strong arm around Jeri’s back and they walked back along the humongous pool toward the resort entrance where Jeri had just come from.  The cumulative effect of walking on the hot concrete in her bare feet had Jeri bouncing on her toes, almost skipping alongside Mark.  In the rows of chaise lounges, men and women watched Mark and Jeri stroll by. Look at them checking us out.  Yeah, we’re a cute couple.  That’s right ladies, he’s mine.  Jeri slipped her arm around Mark, and slid her thumb into the waistband of his cargo shorts.
As they made the long trek back to the lobby, past the gaming floor, restaurants, and shops, among the tourist horde, Jeri found herself leaning more and more into Mark, and somewhere along the line, Mark’s hand had eased itself down to Jeri’s ass.  On the long walk out to the pool area, Jeri had been self-conscious over the large portions of her butt cheeks that weren’t covered by her one-piece bathing suit, but she had felt lost and alone then.  Now, attached to Mark, she didn’t mind the bathing suit at all.  It still drew a lot of male attention, but Jeri loved the suit because Mark loved it.  Mark squeezed her ass, and Jeri squeezed Mark’s waist.
In the elevator, on the way up, Mark’s hand made its way up to Jeri’s breast and gave it a fondle.  Oh yeah. Right there.  Jeri kissed Mark’s bare shoulder and grinned. 
They finally made it back to Jeri’s room, and Mark pulled out a key card and opened the door.  The maid hadn’t been by yet, but the room didn’t look very messy.  Only the bed was rumpled.  Good.  Don’t want Mark to think I’m a slob!  Oh!  Mark pressed Jeri against the wall and his lips crushed down on hers.  What?  Ummm.  Jeri wrapped her arms around Mark’s neck and surrendered to the kiss, relaxing utterly and forgetting about everything else.  Mark’s hands travelled her torso, claiming her curves with gentle strokes, and Jeri did not resist.  It’s not my fault.  What can I do?  He’s so much bigger.  And such a force.  His breath is sweet, and that ribbon of pubic hair running down from his navel is like an arrow pointing the way to buried treasure.
Mark grabbed Jeri’s ass with one hand and a thigh with the other, and slid her up against the cement wall so that her feet were no longer on the floor.  Jeri could feel Mark’s hand easing underneath the bottom of her hot pink bathing suit, between her legs, and the trespass into forbidden terrain only excited Jeri more.  Wrapping her legs around Mark’s hips, Jeri was completely pressed against Mark, and felt all the better for it.  He smelled of sweat and sunshine, and Jeri had always associated those mingled aromas with sex.  What was it I needed to talk about?  Oh, it can wait.  Jeri peppered Mark’s lips with a flurry of kisses, and then she pressed her mouth to his, and opened hers, waiting, hoping, and praying to be taken.  Mark thrust his tongue inside Jeri’s mouth and Jeri shuddered.  She sucked on his tongue, twisting her head about, and her tongue played with his, and her hand stroked his head.
“Oh, yeah, you are the man,” Jeri whispered when they came up for air.

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

REVIEW: Aislynn Archer’s new eBook, Party of Four

Talk about my lucky day!  Wednesday, as part of a Twitter promotion, I received a copy of Aislynn Archer’s new eBook, Party of Four.  Yay!  I hardly ever win ANYTHING!  How great is that?
So, I sat down after dinner and started reading the novella, figuring I would read a chapter or two, and then hit the elliptical before going to the pub for some drinks and, truth be told, some flirting.
Well, I never hit the elliptical, and I was late for the pub, but I still got in my flirting (hi guys <wink>). 
I could not put this story down.
Truth be told, I was only expecting some slap-tickle-gobble fun, which I am always up for.  Aislynn Archer delivers the slap-tickle-gobble fun with panache.  Moreover to my great delight, Aislynn Archer’s Party of Four is comprised of far more than slap-tickle-gobble fun—this is a tale with psychological depth and emotional heft. 
Ms. Archer’s background as a writer of romance pays huge dividends.  It is no mean feat to marry a BDSM story with a credible romance, but Ms. Archer pulls it off.
One would think the Party of Four conceit exists for some forced-bi action (yummy!) and some voluntary-bi action (also hot) and some vigorous tag-team efforts.  Sure, the situation lends itself to all that and more—as testament/confession, while reading my free hand did drift idly southward.  But Ms. Archer is too clever an author to be satisfied with only exploiting that opportunity.  Party of Four seizes the chance to contrast and explore two different dommes, and how their personas influence their playtime styles.  One is a gentle yet forceful coaxer, and one is a lover whose idiom is sadism.  For this exploration alone, the novella is worth the read.
But wait, there’s more!
There is an underlying mystery, of sorts, and a delving into the characters’ psyches.  Who’d have thought one could peer into a domme’s psyche by watching how she wields her whips?  Thankfully, Aislynn Archer did!
Aislynn teases one of her characters into a Joycean epiphany.  Find that in your run-of-the-mill BDSM erotic tale.  I dare ya!  I double dare ya!
I did, however, occasionally get lost and confused during some of the naked gymnastics, but that might be more a reflection on me than Ms. Archer.
Aislynn Archer’s new eBook, Party of Four, is a racy read with depth, and that experience is well worth the price of admission.
And I’m sure the guys at the pub Wednesday night appreciate the electric edge Aislynn Archer gave to my flirting!
I’ll be back soon, guys! <wink> <wink>
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