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Thursday, December 1, 2011

REVIEW: Aislynn Archer’s new eBook, Party of Four

Talk about my lucky day!  Wednesday, as part of a Twitter promotion, I received a copy of Aislynn Archer’s new eBook, Party of Four.  Yay!  I hardly ever win ANYTHING!  How great is that?
So, I sat down after dinner and started reading the novella, figuring I would read a chapter or two, and then hit the elliptical before going to the pub for some drinks and, truth be told, some flirting.
Well, I never hit the elliptical, and I was late for the pub, but I still got in my flirting (hi guys <wink>). 
I could not put this story down.
Truth be told, I was only expecting some slap-tickle-gobble fun, which I am always up for.  Aislynn Archer delivers the slap-tickle-gobble fun with panache.  Moreover to my great delight, Aislynn Archer’s Party of Four is comprised of far more than slap-tickle-gobble fun—this is a tale with psychological depth and emotional heft. 
Ms. Archer’s background as a writer of romance pays huge dividends.  It is no mean feat to marry a BDSM story with a credible romance, but Ms. Archer pulls it off.
One would think the Party of Four conceit exists for some forced-bi action (yummy!) and some voluntary-bi action (also hot) and some vigorous tag-team efforts.  Sure, the situation lends itself to all that and more—as testament/confession, while reading my free hand did drift idly southward.  But Ms. Archer is too clever an author to be satisfied with only exploiting that opportunity.  Party of Four seizes the chance to contrast and explore two different dommes, and how their personas influence their playtime styles.  One is a gentle yet forceful coaxer, and one is a lover whose idiom is sadism.  For this exploration alone, the novella is worth the read.
But wait, there’s more!
There is an underlying mystery, of sorts, and a delving into the characters’ psyches.  Who’d have thought one could peer into a domme’s psyche by watching how she wields her whips?  Thankfully, Aislynn Archer did!
Aislynn teases one of her characters into a Joycean epiphany.  Find that in your run-of-the-mill BDSM erotic tale.  I dare ya!  I double dare ya!
I did, however, occasionally get lost and confused during some of the naked gymnastics, but that might be more a reflection on me than Ms. Archer.
Aislynn Archer’s new eBook, Party of Four, is a racy read with depth, and that experience is well worth the price of admission.
And I’m sure the guys at the pub Wednesday night appreciate the electric edge Aislynn Archer gave to my flirting!
I’ll be back soon, guys! <wink> <wink>
To buy Aislynn Archer’s new eBook, Party of Four, click here